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Steep bank planting challenge

This landscape renovation project on Cape Nedick was on a very steep hill with no equipment access.

All work landscaping the steep bank was done manually

BEFORE: All work on the steep bank was done manually.

Thick weeds

BEFORE: The entire steep area between the house and the ocean cliff was covered in thick weeds up to three feet high.

Excavator moves dirt on the steep slope

BEFORE: To move soil and mulch material, an large excavator and a mini skid steer was used. This is another example of using multiple sizes of equipment.

The steep slope is manually weeded.

BEFORE: Without equipment access, this entire area was manually weeded and all weed material was hauled out by buckets, using a bucket brigade system.

Grading the steep bank

BEFORE: The area is prepped free of weeds and loam/compost was hauled in by using dump truck with soil, excavator to load wheelbarrows and manpower.

Steep slope is terraced

BEFORE: The site preparation of removing weed material, moving large rocks from planting area to sea wall, raking out stones, and grading is now complete.

Salt tolerant plants and mulch control the steep slope

AFTER: Salt tolerant plant material was installed including beach plum. A layer of erosion control mulch was installed for weed and erosion control.

Steep bank planting challenge

AFTER: Hydrangea in the upper level. Tennanbaum mugo next level. The lower level has bayberry, low grow rhus, and grasses along the sea wall.