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Landscape renovation of a small site

This property was a small site that needed a total landscape renovation. The entire site had artificial turf or 6” deep red mulch with poly tarps under the entire site. About two dozen yews were successfully transplanted. The site was graded to achieve a more level area. This project still needs more plantings before completion.

Dark red mulch covers the front of the property

Before – dark red mulch front of house with yews planted up against house.

Yews were transplanted and sod installed

After – in front of the house, all of the yews were successfully transplanted and sod installed. Flowering shrubs will be installed along front of house.

Closed-in seating area with randomly placed yews

Before – the closed in seating area with more random placed yews.

The new landscape flows from the front lawn to the side patio

After – The landscape now flows from the front lawn area to the side patio seating area.

As seen in the above photos, this property had multiple yews planted in front of the house, along the front walkway and around the seating area on the side of the house. Red mulch covered the front of the house and artificial grass carpet covered the seating area inside the fenced in area.

Bushes are dug up and saved for transplanting

The yews were dug up and saved for transplanting. All of the mulch was dug up and hauled away.

Polyester tarps were buried under the entire site

Polyester tarp was buried 6-8” under the entire site.

An excavator dug up all of the yews to be later transplanted. The 6-8” of red mulch was removed, as was the 4-6” of stone dust under the artificial grass carpet. All of the poly tarps were dug up and removed.

The patio area was artificial carpet

Before – the patio area was artificial carpet.

The new patio area is pea stones and cobblestones

After – the patio area was pea stone bordered with cobblestones.

There was a total transformation of this small site landscape. All of the yews were successfully transplanted, positioned as they were originally to avoid bare spots. Loam/compost depth of 6” was installed under the new sod lawn. The project will be completed with the installation of flowering shrubs, privacy plantings, and perennial gardens.