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Natural ledge is exposed in this seaside landscape

The front of this property was a morphed vegetation of bittersweet, honeysuckle, rose, and weeds. The homeowner wanted to reconstruct the original landscape, which boasted a large ledge. The current plant material required constant pruning to keep under control, and needed to go.

To create a landscape that reflected a natural look as well as compliment the ledge and house, the invasive material was mechanically removed (after DEP approval). The ledge area was manually cleaned to remove all soil and weed roots, and a planting mix was added to the pockets in the ledge to create planting areas. In addition, a grass pathway was added from the front area to connect to the rear. The extensive ledge and its associated drop in grade necessitated the use of boulders and stone to simulate an extension of the ledge, and to adjust the change of grade to build the grass pathway.

Overgrown ledge before cleaning

BEFORE: The front of this property was entirely covered with thick growth of honeysuckle, bittersweet, wild rose, and large weedy material.

The ledge is exposed

AFTER: In the process of removing the invasive plant material, a beautiful ledge was exposed. All the soil in all cracks was dug out and power washed to remove to prevent regrowth of weeds.

Excavator removing overgrowth

BEFORE: Using an excavator, all of the invasive plant material was removed and hauled away.

REmoving plant material from ledge

BEFORE: Removing the plant material also exposed a steep drop off. The proposed design included a grass walkway from the front around to the rear of the house. This would require boulder walls to adjust the grade.

Granite slabs adjust for a steep grade

BEFORE: To adjust for the steep drop in grade, granite slabs were laid on a sloped bank to simulate an extension of the granite ledge sections.

Boulders and granite slabs create planting beds

AFTER: The final result of achieving a grade change and a grass walkway included a granite boulder wall and granite slabs to match the existing ledges and create the appearance of continuation of the ledges.

Granite slabs adjust for grade change

BEFORE: Granite boulders were located to provide sufficient height to create a planting bed behind the boulders while using the boulders to achieve the grade change. The base for the grass walkway has been installed.

Granite steps in grass walkway

AFTER: Granite steps arch along the bank as part of the grass walkway.


Exposed ledge creates natural beauty

The landscape in the front of the house now highlights the granite ledge which extends all the way under the house. Salt tolerant plantings were used to withstand the oceanfront easterly storm winds.

Garden beds in ledge pockets

Garden beds in ledge pockets create a natural-looking landscape.

Rose hedge lines the edge of the landscape

The clearing of the ledge and installation of boulder borders created a natural, low-maintenance, beautiful landscape.

Renovated planting beds

The renovated planting beds allow the plantings to thrive.

Exposed ledge as part of the landscape

The exposed ledge complements and frames the planted areas.

The beauty of ledge in the landscape

Ledge adds a natural, rugged beauty to the fa├žade of the house.