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Landscape design to create an outdoor living area

This client requested a design to renovate the rear yard, to create an outdoor relaxation area that includes a hot tub and patio. The client also wanted to grade the outdoor living area to reduce the steep pitch, and allow for a more level area for the hot tub and patio. In addition, grading was necessary to add a new garden shed with that grade meeting the driveway grade.

Back yard with no privacy

BEFORE: The back yard had no privacy, an uneven grade, and no functional outdoor living space.

Area for garden shed

BEFORE: This is another section of the back yard that the client wanted to integrate into the landscape renovation as well as create a level area for a new garden shed.

This landscape renovation project on Cape Neddick was on a very steep hill with no equipment access.

Excavating the back yard

BEFORE: The entire yard needed excavation, the ledge area cleaned off, and the grade raised almost 3′ for a level area for the new garden shed. The gravel base for the garden shed was topped with fabric and 3/4″ stone.

A fence is installed around the patio

AFTER: The client had a fence installed to create a more intimate outdoor space. The rear yard was graded level to meet the garden shed grade.

River birch are planded along the fence

AFTER: River birch were planted to soften the white fence. Sod lawn was installed at grade of the new patio. A walkway extension from the patio leads to the gate to the driveway parking area.

Patio and water feature

AFTER: The hot tub and patio has been installed. The client now has an intimate outdoor living area.

Raising the driveway grade

AFTER: The driveway grade was brought up 2′ to match the grade of the shed and the walkway extension from the patio. The top gravel layer installed was a blue/gray gravel mix for a more upscale appearance.

Landscaping for an outdoor living space

AFTER: Narrow arborvitae was installed behind the hot tub to soften the ledge behind. Large arborvitea were installed on the neighbor’s side. These will get tall enough to cover the neighbor’s windows.