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Mature landscape with privacy plantings

The owners of this beautiful classic coastal house wanted more privacy while enhancing the approach to the house.

Driveway and grade is raised

BEFORE: This new home was six feet below grade of road. The driveway and adjacent grade needed to be adjusted to meet the grade of garage entrance.

The driveway is raised and curved

AFTER: The driveway pitch was raised 6’ to meet the road. The driveway was curved for visual interest and to allow privacy plantings between the house and busy Ocean Avenue in Kennebunkport.

This landscape renovation project on Cape Neddick was on a very steep hill with no equipment access.

Wide turn in driveway

BEFORE: The sharp angle of the garage to the driveway required a wide turn area. Client uses the property only for summer and desired a pea stone driveway.

Driveway topped with peastone

AFTER: The driveway was topped with peastone. A blue stone front walkway as installed. Planting beds were created n front of the house. Hydrangeas provided the privacy that the client wanted in front of the kitchen windows.

Invasive plant material removed

BEFORE: Dead trees and invasive plant material were excavated out on left side of property. Planting areas were prepared in front of garage and along property line.

Privacy trees are planted along property line

AFTER: Privacy trees were planted along property line. Accent plantings were installed in front of garage. A sod lawn was installed.

Buried ledge is exposed

BEFORE: A buried ledge area was exposed. Large rocks from a buried wall were dug up and saved for a retaining wall.

Privacy plantings along road

AFTER: Privacy plantings along road were installed. The ledges are cleaned and mulched around for ease of mowing. To compensate for the grade change to the road level, the dug up rocks were used to create a retaining wall.

Rear view area to be graded

BEFORE: The view to the road from the rear also shows the area which needed to be graded to allow for 5-6” loam/compost for the sod installation.

Mixed species woodland border

AFTER: A combination of spruce, arborvitae and aronia were installed along the road and property line, creating a mixed species woodland border. Sod was installed for the lawn area.

View toward ocean

BEFORE: The view to the ocean also included a view to the neighbor’s house which the client wanted to block. The area was built up several feet to achieve a higher and level planting area.

Privacy trees are installed

AFTER: Privacy trees were installed and included 12’ arborvitae, 8’ spruce, and ilex verticulata to create a more natural border. A very narrow variety of arborvitae were installed in front of the bathroom window.

Property is open to the road

BEFORE: Rear of property where client privacy plantings facing neighbor along and open to Ocean Avenue.

More privacy and a natural woodland landscape

AFTER: Privacy plantings installed and view of neighbor and Ocean Avenue are now obstructed. Several species trees were installed in an irregular design to create a more natural woodland scene.

Entire property needed extensive landscape renovation

BEFORE: This site started as an existing house and garage demolition and consequently the entire property needed extensive landscape renovation.

Mature landscape with privacy plantings

AFTER: The final landscape a year after installation creates a sense of landscape maturity to compliment the existing large trees and the house scale of this waterfront property.