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This property needed a total renovation of the front of the property, including relocating a driveway entrance and relocating the larger plant material.

Dense overgrowth at the entrance to house

BEFORE: Driveway entered through dense overgrown plantings to a circular drive in front of house. Goal was to install drive straight to garage.

Plantings are transplanted with equipment

Permitting was necessary for shoreland zone lot coverage. All plantings in front of house were removed and/or transplanted with equipment.

Excavating the propane tank for driveway

BEFORE: Existing buried propane tank was installed in a built up grade due to ledge on site and directly in path of proposed new driveway.

Propane tank is excavated

BEFORE: Existing propane tank was dug up. We coordinated with gas company to have the tank removed and hauled away.

Existing driveway is removed

BEFORE: Existing asphalt driveway was removed. Grade was set to meet garage entrance. Almost 2’ of subsoil was removed to prepare for driveway base.

The driveway is reinforced with boulders and gravel

New driveway base of 3/4 gravel was installed, to depth up to 24”. On one low side, a boulder wall was installed to shore up driveway

Compacted gravel is laid as driveway base

BEFORE: Finished driveway grade was installed with 24” compacted gravel as a base for a cobblestone installation that client requested.

AFTER: Driveway now goes straight from the street to the garage.

Overgrown landscape obscures entrance

BEFORE: Landscape in front of house contained dense and overgrown plant material and circular driveway to front entrance.

Front yard before

BEFORE: Front entrance had mounded planting area of perennials and 10’ viburnums over septic system within the circular driveway.

Mature arborvitae are installed as a landscape screen

Twenty 12-14 foot arborvitae that lined the existing curved driveway were successfully transplanted to the property line as privacy screen.

The circular driveway mound is graded

The mound within the circular driveway was graded down. The asphalt driveway was removed. All plantings in circle were removed.

Preparing ground for new shrubs

As a new owner, client did not have septic plans. We had the septic inspected to locate the tank and piping. Crew dug around the tanks.

Landscape rrenovation

Three ten foot tall viburnums in the driveway circle were successfully transplanted on site.

Removal of stumps

Septic pipes were located by hand digging. Large root systems in front of house near septic piping were cut up with a saw and dug out safely.

Preparing drainage

Excavator was used to remove sandy soil not suitable to successful installation of new plant material.

Overgrown bushes block porch

BEFORE: Left front of house had large plantings that had outgrown their space and blocked the front porch.

AFTER: The corner is anchored with a specimen evergreen. Roses and perennials with flowering azaleas met client’s wish for color.

High shrubs cover the windows

BEFORE: Right front of house had 6’ high lilacs that were too large. They were successfully transplanted along the property line.

AFTER: In the shaded right side of the house front, a combination of evergreen tones, textures, and shapes were installed.

Overgrown plantings

BEFORE: The driveway detracted from the house. The plantings were overgrown and not complimentary to the landscape.


Flowering shrubs in front of house

AFTER: Flowering shrubs were installed in front of the porch. The client wanted to keep the climbing hydrangea over the front steps.

Overgrown landscape obscures entrance

BEFORE: Landscape in front of house contained dense and overgrown plant material and circular driveway to front entrance.

Landscape renovation for a welcoming entrance

AFTER: The front of the house is now visible upon entering the property and this view showcases the beautiful house architecture.