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A renovated landscape with a welcoming entrance

Overgrown landscape obscures entrance

BEFORE: Landscape in front of house contained dense and overgrown plant material and circular driveway to front entrance.

A renovated landscape

AFTER: A beautifully renovated landscape and relocated driveway.

Front yard before

BEFORE: Front entrance had mounded planting area of perennials and 10’ viburnums over septic system within the circular driveway

A renovated landscape

After: Front entrance is open and welcoming, with a large lawn.

Overgrown bushes block porch

BEFORE: Left front of house had large plantings that had outgrown their space and blocked the front porch.

Preparing drainage

AFTER: Excavator was used to remove sandy soil not suitable to successful installation of new plant material.

High shrubs cover the windows

BEFORE: Right front of house had 6’ high lilacs that were too large. They were successfully transplanted along the property line.

New plantings in front of house

AFTER: New plantings are appropriately sized for the space and open up the view out the windows.


Preparing ground for new shrubs

As a new owner, client did not have septic plans. We had the septic inspected to locate the tank and piping. Crew dug around the tanks.

Landscape rrenovation

Three ten foot tall viburnums in the driveway circle were successfully transplanted.

Removal of stumps

Large root systems in front of house near septic piping were cut up with a saw and dug out safely.

Laying paving stones

Laying and sodding new stepping stone walkway.