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Landscaping for curb appeal

New home needing curb appeal

BEFORE: New home owner moving from the city desired a landscape with curb appeal, combining evergreen and flowering shrubs and trees.

Landscaping for curb appeal

AFTER: Large flowering shrubs were used as visual barrier to street as client did not want a total block of evergreens.

This landscape renovation project on Cape Neddick was on a very steep hill with no equipment access.

New home needing curb appeal

BEFORE: House design warranted using plantings of a smaller mature size. A river stone drip edge was installed around the house.

Evergreens provide yera-round interest

AFTER: Combination of smaller evergreens, evergreen flowering shrubs, and deciduous flowering shrubs provides year round interest.

Narrow property line

BEFORE: Narrow property line right side of house with open view to next door neighbor. Client wanted to block this view.

Arborvitae provide patio privacy

AFTER: Row of arborvitae provide privacy patio on right side of property creating a more intimate seating area.

Narrow lawn area

BEFORE: Property setbacks only allowed for narrow lawn area which abutted a wooded area.

Erosion control mulch is installed

AFTER: Woods cleared of debris. Erosion control mulch was installed as a naturalizing border with the woods. Privacy arborvitae on north side.

Narrow lawn area

BEFORE: Rough grade had significant slope in all directions.

Grading to allow for a level lawn

Privacy plantings on south side and in easterly woods provide privacy for the patio and rear of house. Flowering shrubs provide color.

Privacy plantings

AFTER: River birch were planted to soften the white fence. Sod lawn was installed at grade of the new patio. A walkway extension from the patio leads to the gate to the driveway parking area.

Granite lamp post adds a finishing touch

Granite lamp post adds finishing touch. Spruce on right side provides visual block of neighbor’s utility area. Client also wanted flowering tree.