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6 landscaping ideas to make your yard beautiful for fall and winter

As the leaves begin to fall and the beautiful colors of autumn begin to fade, we often long for the vibrancy of color and life that once filled our yards. Although this time of year is crucial for preparing our property for winter, we don’t have to sacrifice the enjoyment of a beautiful landscape. With a thoughtful landscape design, your property will sustain presence throughout the winter months.

Here are some ideas that will help your landscape look great each fall and winter.

1. Design for twelve months a year at your front entrance

Include plant material that will have good structure year round. This includes evergreen trees, shrubs, and low spreading ground covers. Incorporate plants with various tones of evergreen which is often referred to as a tonal design. Use multiple plant textures; for instance, a small leaf rhododendron, juniper, and holly are very different leaf textures. The design should include plants with multiple vertical and horizontal lines. This can be accomplished by combining taller plants for vertical accent, mid height plants and low growing plants for horizontal accent. Flowering shrubs can be included in this design approach and the woody stems will also add winter interest.

Reduce perennial plantings at the entrance to your property and in foundation plantings. While a pop of color is wonderful in season, an abundance of perennials that are cut back for the winter will create voids in a winter garden at your front entrance. A dedicated perennial garden away from the front entrance can be left uncut and create winter interest, especially for plants such as grasses and taller, firm stemmed perennials.

2. Include large woody plants and specimen trees in your landscape

Deciduous plants can create winter interest, especially if they have the sturdy branches to hold some snow. Several varieties of hydrangea paniculata, viburnum and lilac are all good choices for woody plants. Flowering trees and smaller evergreen trees also add appeal to the winter landscape.

3. Enhance your driveway entrance

Including a specimen evergreen in your lamp post garden not only compliments your lamp post, but also adds dimension to your lamp post garden in the winter months.

4. Don’t forget hardscaping

With all the work that needs to be done around our yard in order to prepare the natural world for winter, it can be easy to forget about the importance and appeal of our hardscaping features. Hardscaping can help counteract the dullness of winter, adding dimension and color to your property throughout the year. Sidewalks, patios, fountains, and outdoor fireplaces can add beauty and enjoyment to your home throughout the colder months.

5. Add some groundcovers

Adding a few great ground-hugging plants to your landscape will not only reduce weeds but will also add a blanket of color to your yard throughout the year. Evergreen groundcovers are available in many different leaf textures, and will help to give your garden some color and contrast through the autumn and winter months.

6. Importance of maintenance

Although this may be the least glorious aspect of property ownership, general maintenance is crucial to the appearance and longevity of your landscape. Raking up fallen leaves, pruning trees and shrubs, and clearing out the weeds and debris that have accumulated in your yard, will greatly improve the health and appearance of your property throughout the upcoming winter months.

The health and appearance of your landscape is just as important to us as it is to you. For any additional information or assistance with your landscaping needs please do not hesitate to contact us.