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Taking action on environmental responsibility in our community

As the owner of CL Design & Landscape, Carol Laboissonniere actively fosters the goals of environmentally responsible and sustainable landscape design, installation, and maintenance. As part of her continuing effort to apply these concepts, Carol is the Chair of the Kennebunkport Conservation Commission. As an ocean-side community with many issues requiring environmental management, the mission of the Kennebunkport Conservation Commission is to serve as a research, advisory and advocacy group on environmental and conservation issues that impact Kennebunkport and its community.

Supporting the community in many ways

Initiatives of the Conservation Commission cover a wide range. Recent projects have included assisting residents with management of invasive plants, and the creation of a Facebook page to keep residents updated about local meetings and events by environmental groups such as the Maine Sierra Club, Audubon, and the Natural Resources Council of Maine. The Facebook page is also a great resource for environmental and sustainability information, such as native plant selections and plant selections to attract bees and butterflies to support pollination.

Another active topic of the Commission is the issue of pesticide and lawn fertilization applications. While the Town of Kennebunkport does not currently have an ordinance, the Commission is actively monitoring the new and existing ordinances in other towns and evaluating the successes and difficulties of implementation and enforcement. Kennebunkport does have a “Lawns for Lobsters” program with supporting educational printed materials.

The Commission is also actively involved with water quality and wastewater disposal, researching applicable ordinances that regulate swimming pool discharge of chlorinated water into storm water drains with a target of ocean or rivers. The Commission is also involved in water quality studies, and follows the Maine Healthy Beaches testing. As a representative of the Conservation Commission, Carol will be attending the Kennebunk River Watershed Plan Steering Committee meeting in late January.

Take action locally

Carol believes strongly in the work of the Conservation Commission and the impact it has in promoting good stewardship of the environment. She is honored to be able to play a part in providing this valuable resource for her community.