Garden Maintenance

Fine Garden Maintenance
CL Design & Landscape takes care of all your garden maintenance needs, including:

• Professional pruning
• Transplanting
• Seasonal planting
• Fertilizing
• Edging
• Mulching
• Soil amendment
• Maintenance contracts
• Spring and fall cleanup

Tree service is also available and includes storm damage cleanup, removing dead or diseased trees, and selective removal for landscape design goals.

Please see our portfolio for examples of some of the gardens we maintain for our customers.

Carol is a very talented master gardener who not only donates her time, but also gets other master gardeners involved. Carol had a clear vision for the Healing Garden as a woodsy, natural, welcoming place for patients and their families. I’m  am so excited to have this beautiful garden be part of the center.  The garden looks just beautiful and we could not have done it with Carol!

Karen Pierce-Stewart
Executive Director, Cancer Care Center