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Curved driveway through dense growth

BEFORE: Driveway entered through dense overgrown plantings to a circular drive in front of house. Goal was to install drive straight to garage.

All plantings in front of house are removed

Permitting was necessary for shoreland zone lot coverage. All plantings in front of house were removed and/or transplanted with equipment.

Burying a propane tank

Existing propane tank was buried by building up grade which needed to be leveled to meet proposed garage door grade.

Existing propane tank is dug up

Existing propane tank was dug up. We coordinated with gas company to have the tank removed and hauled away.

Existing asphalt driveway is dug up

Existing asphalt driveway was removed. Grade was set to meet garage entrance. Almost 2’ of subsoil was removed to prepare for driveway base.

New driveway base and boulder wall

New driveway base of 3/4 gravel was installed, to depth up to 24”. On one low side, a boulder wall was installed to shore up driveway.

Compact gravel base for cobblestone driveway

Finished driveway grade was installed with 24” compacted gravel as a base for a cobblestone installation.

Driveway renovation with cobblestones

AFTER: Driveway is now straight entrance to garage and also includes a vehicle turnaround area.